A New Captain

Count Orlock gets a crazy idea

Knock eats flies

Nosferatu Special Edition from Image Entertainment
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Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horror

Directed by F.W. Murnau

Screenplay by Henrik Galeen, After the novel by Bram Stoker

Costume Design by Albin Grau

Produced by Enrico Dieckmann and Albin Grau

Art Direction by Albin Grau

No MPAA rating (mature audiences)

82 minutes

Principal Cast in order of appearance with their Nosferatu character names and the original Bram Stoker names.

Greta Schröder .... Ellen Hutter (Mina Harker)
Gustav von Wangenheim .... Hutter (Jonathan Harker)
Alexander Granach .... Knock (Renfield)
Ruth Landshoff .... Lucy Westenra
G.H. Schell .... Westenra
Guido Herzfeld .... Innkeeper
Max Schreck .... Graf Orlok/Dracula
John Gottowt .... Professor Bulwer (Van Helsing)
Max Nemetz .... Captain
Wolfgang Heinz .... First mate
Karl Etlinger .... Sailor
Albert Venohr .... Sailor
Heinrich Witte .... Sailor
Hardy von Francois .... Doctor in Hospital
Gustav Botz .... Dr. Sievers, Town Doctor (Dr. Seward)

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