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Count Orlok gets a crazy idea

Knock eats flies

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At dinner, Hutter cut himself with a knife and Orlok becomes obsessed at the sight of his blood. The next morning Hutter writes to Ellen. He is looking forward to returning home. Later that evening Orlok signs the deed to his new home in Wisborg. He is intrigued by a photo of Hutter's wife Ellen. "What a beautiful neck..."



Later that night Hutter is attacked by the blood thirsty Orlok. At the same time, Ellen receives the Call of Death while her doctor and friends stand by in disbelief. She calls out to Hutter during a moment of apparent delirium and at that moment Orloks ceases his attack.


The next morning a dazzed Hutter finds Orlok sleeping in a coffin. They both decide it's time to go. Orlok stows himself in an earth filled coffin and journeys to his new home in Wisborg by river raft and ship.



Meanwhile Hutter escapes and returns by land. Ellen waits anxiously for his return and is comforted by friends. The agent Knock has become insane and is locked up. His bug eating habits confound his keepers and he grows even more eccentric as he senses that his master, Count Orlok is approaching.


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