A New Captain

Count Orlok gets a crazy idea

Knock eats flies

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Meanwhile the crew of Orlok's ship is getting sick. One by one they die. The captain and his mate suspect a plague carried by the rats in the coffins. Orlok reveals himself at last and ship of death becomes his own.



After the ship docks, he emerges unseen and makes his way to his new home.



The town elders fear that a plague has arrived on the ship as Orlok takes residence across the street from Hutter and Ellen.   She is not happy with this and Hutter realizes his terrible mistake.



Fear and sickness was spreading through the town so Ellen decided it was time to read the book of vampires. "To kill a vampire a young woman must give her blood to a vampire and distract him so until the first crow of the cock." The agent, Knock, became a convenient scapegoat for all of the unexplained deaths.

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