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Part 1 - A chronicle of the Great Death in Wisborg. 1838. This is the story of a man named Hutter and his wife Ellen.   next >



Hutter works for Knock, an odd real estate agent who can read the cryptic writing of Count Orlok. Knock convinces Hutter to visit the count and sell him a run down house across the street from the house that Hutter shares with his wife Ellen.



 Hutter is wary but eventually agress to do this. He stops at an inn along the way to the Carpathian Mountains where the locals warn him of the animals and ghosts that inhabit the Land of the Phantoms. Hutter doesn't believe all of this and after a restful night he continues to Count Orlok's castle.



The local drivers refuse to carry him into the Land of the Phantoms. But Hutter is met by a phantom who takes him the rest of the way in what amounts to a strange and frightening ride. Hutter stands at the front gate and is startled when it mysteriously opens.



 He is greeted by Count Orlok. "You are late young man." Orlok serves a meal and reads a note, possibly from Knock.

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